Digital Marketing

You have a business, website or e-shop you want to promote online using campaign on the platform of Google Adwords; We are pleased to inform you that our company takes for you the complete manage. With extensive experience, comprehensive expertise and significant portfolio we can make your campaign effective and immediate. In simple words, we will optimize your campaign so that you get maximum benefits at every click you pay, ie same visitors for less money or more visitors for the same money. From whichever side you look at, you just win! At this point, we would like to emphasize something that for us is non-negotiable: our company charge you ONLY when the outcome of our work is ESSENTIAL! Our range of our service.

The Company Undertakes On Your Behalf:
– The full determininng of the best for the individual case, – Strategic Developmentn
– The selection and targeting of ideals resorts Ad Groups
– Finding the appropriate keywords for your business
– The formation of the optimal and simultaneously rational budget, always according to your own individual requirements and financial capabilities
– Promote your ad in the correct directions (like in the most ideal Home Pages, Landing Pages)
– The Conversation Tracking
– The continuous monitoring of the course of our campaign, with simultaneous optimization movements, when and if needed.

The Difference In Commercial Platform Of Google Adwords From Amateur, Is What We Ensure You:
– Larger, more efficient and effective impact- in your ad visibility, and therefore far better return on your investment (ROI)
– Minimize advertising costs
– Optimized visibility, clear and indisputable competitive advantage over your competitors

Website Development

Every Web Site design, the creation of an e-shop and every single project we undertake, in general, from the construction of a website to the creation of a Facebook Business Page is a unique challenge, just as unique your business and its demands in the field of Internet Marketing are for you. The proper design of a Web Site or an e-shop is the first step and perhaps the most important for you to properly display your products and services to the world of Internet Marketing.

The most important in Web Design, are not the colors and images on our website. It is to keep an eye on the new trends and developments, so that we can have a dynamic website timely and well designed for the user – visitor. The creation of a site not only for business but also for its customers. The simplicity in the design of a website and the usability to create an e-shop, make user experience single and relaxing.

With narrative way, the user must be guided in subsequent parts of our website, with one click to enter a product group of an e-shop. The gradual, bottom display of text, pictures or banners will lead the user to move down and read our texts to be informed about our offers etc.

Of course, the design of our website or our e-shop, should be in Responsive Web Design, in order to display properly on all devices: PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV. Of course all these techniques, we apply in DigitalUp so you can have a better presence of an undertaking in the field of Digital Marketing.

Web Hosting

We provide you Hosting in reliable and safe Servers, ensuring and preventing malicious acts in your site. The right choice of a Web Server is one of the most important factors for the correct, reliable and fast operation and our Hosting contemporaries Server, ensures high response speed.

We offer you a comprehensive protection package offering:
– Protection of e-mails,
– Protecting the server from spam,
– Protection the server from Malware,
– Protection the server with firewall and
– Protection against brute force attack

Transfer Hosting In DigitalUp And Win:
– 24/7/365 server monitoring
– Money back guarantee in 30 days if not satisfied
– Unbeatable prices with free transfer and unlimited Emails.

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